Sunday, 20 July 2014



1. the sense by which the qualities and flavour of a substance are distinguished by the taste buds
2. the sensation experienced by means of the taste buds
3. the act of tasting
4. a small amount eaten, drunk, or tried on the tongue
5. a brief experience of something
6. a preference or liking for something; inclination
7. the ability to make discerning judgments about aesthetic, artistic, and intellectual matters; discrimination
8. judgment of aesthetic or social matters according to a generally accepted standard
9. discretion; delicacy
10. (obsolete) the act of testing
11. to distinguish the taste of (a substance) by means of the taste buds
12. (usually trans.) to take a small amount of (a food, liquid, etc.) into the mouth, especially in order to test the quality
13. (often followed by “of”) to have a specific flavour or taste
14. when intr., usually followed by “of” . to have an experience of (something)
15. (trans.) an archaic word for enjoy
16. (trans.) (obsolete) to test by touching

A pretty dish
But little taste
Except for the eye

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