Friday, 4 July 2014



1. the extent, quantity, amount, or degree of something, as determined by measurement or calculation
2. a device for measuring distance, volume, etc., such as a graduated scale or container
3. a system of measurement
4. a standard used in a system of measurements
5. a specific or standard amount of something
6. a basis or standard for comparison
7. reasonable or permissible limit or bounds
8. degree or extent (often in phrases such as in some measure, in a measure, etc.)  
9. (often plural) a particular action intended to achieve an effect
10. a legislative bill, act, or resolution
11. (music) a group of beats that is repeated with a consistent rhythm throughout a piece or passage of music. The number of beats in the bar is indicated by the time signature. Also: bar.
12. (prosody) poetic rhythm or cadence; metre
13. a metrical foot
14. (poetic) a melody or tune
15. the act of measuring; measurement
16. (archaic) a dance
17. (printing) the width of a page or column of type
18. (trans.) often followed by up to determine the size, amount, etc., of by measurement
19. (intr.) to make a measurement or measurements
20. (trans.) to estimate or determine
21. (trans.) to function as a measurement of
22. (trans.) to bring into competition or conflict
23. (intr.) to be as specified in extent, amount, etc.
24. (trans.) to travel or move over as if measuring
25. (trans.) to adjust or choose
26. (intr.) to allow or yield to measurement

Obscurity and
A scant measure of light
For effect

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