Thursday, 18 July 2013




1. a small round mark made with or as with a pen, etc; spot; speck; point
2. anything resembling a dot; a small amount
3. the mark (˙) that appears above the main stem of the letters i, j
4. (music)
a) the symbol (·) placed after a note or rest to increase its time value by half
b) this symbol written above or below a note indicating that it must be played or sung staccato
5. (mathematics, logic)
a) the symbol (.) indicating multiplication or logical conjunction
b) a decimal point
6. the symbol (·) used, in combination with the symbol for dash (–), in the written representation of Morse and other telegraphic codes


7. (trans.) to mark or form with a dot

8. (trans.)to scatter or intersperse (with dots or something resembling dots)

9. (intr.)to make a dot or dots

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A dotted façade

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