Thursday, 6 June 2013



-verb (mainly trans.)
1. often followed by “over” . to treat superficially, hastily, or without due deliberation; gloss
2. (also intr.) to pronounce or utter (words, etc.) indistinctly
3. to speak disparagingly of or cast aspersions on
4. (music) . to execute (a melodic interval of two or more notes) smoothly, as in legato performance
5. (also intr.) to blur or smear
6. (archaic) to stain or smear; sully
1. an indistinct sound or utterance
2. a slighting remark; aspersion
3. a stain or disgrace, as upon one's reputation; stigma
4. (music)
a. a performance or execution of a melodic interval of two or more notes in a part
b. the curved line ( or ) indicating this
5. a blur or smear

We chase after clouds
A slur upon our summer
Rolling waves without surfers
But for a few frozen birds

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