Sunday, 9 June 2013



1. (intr.) to climb or crawl, especially by using the hands to aid movement
2. (intr.) to proceed hurriedly or in a disorderly fashion
3. (intr.) often followed by “for” to compete with others, especially in a disordered manner
4. (intr.) followed by “through” to deal with hurriedly and unsystematically
5. (trans.) to throw together in a haphazard manner; jumble
6. (trans.) to collect in a hurried or disorganized manner
7. (trans.) to cook (eggs that have been whisked up with milk and seasoning) in a pan containing a little melted butter
8. (military) to order (a crew or aircraft) to take off immediately or (of a crew or aircraft) to take off immediately
9. (trans.) to render (speech) unintelligible during transmission by means of an electronic scrambler
10. the act of scrambling
11. a climb over rocks that involves the use of the hands but not ropes, etc.
12. a disorderly struggle, especially to gain possession
13. (military) an immediate preparation for action, as of crew, aircraft, etc.
14. (British) a motorcycle rally in which competitors race across rough open ground

Crawling about
Yet not in a disorderly fashion
Scrambled eggs

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