Saturday, 13 April 2013



1.  (intr.) (often followed by “on” or “upon”) to spring or swoop, as in capturing prey
2.  the act of pouncing; a spring or swoop
3.  the claw of a bird of prey

 (trans.) to emboss (metal) by hammering from the reverse side

1. a very fine resinous powder, especially of cuttlefish bone, formerly used to dry ink or sprinkled over parchment or un-sized writing paper to stop the ink from running
2.  a fine powder, especially of charcoal, that is tapped through perforations in paper corresponding to the main lines of a design in order to transfer the design to another surface
3. to dust (paper) with pounce
4. to transfer (a design) by means of pounce

Without much ado
She pounced on her nap
Refusing to let go

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