Sunday, 31 March 2013



1. the oval or round reproductive body laid by the females of birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, and some other animals, consisting of a developing embryo, its food store, and sometimes jelly or albumen, all surrounded by an outer shell or membrane
2. Also called: egg cell  . any female gamete; ovum
3. the egg of the domestic hen used as food
4. something resembling an egg, especially in shape or in being in an early stage of development
5. old-fashioned , informal - bad egg
  a. a bad person
  b. an exclamation of dismay
6. old-fashioned , informal - good egg
  a. a good person
  b. an exclamation of delight
7. slang  (chiefly US, Canadian) - lay an egg
  a. to make a joke or give a performance, etc., that fails completely
  b. (of a joke, performance, etc.) to fail completely; flop
8. to dip (food) in beaten egg before cooking
9. informal  (US) to throw eggs at

-verb  (usually followed by “on”)
 to urge or incite, especially to daring or foolish acts


They are egging me on
Daring me to make an omelette
In mass murder attempt

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