Wednesday, 24 October 2012



1. any of a group of colours with a reddish hue that are of low to moderate saturation and can usually reflect or transmit a large amount of light; a pale reddish tint
2. pink cloth or clothing
3. See also carnation . any of various Old World plants of the caryophyllaceous genus Dianthus,  such as D. plumarius  ( garden pink ), cultivated for their fragrant flowers
4. any of various plants of other genera, such as the moss pink
5. the flower of any of these plants
6. the highest or best degree, condition, etc.
 a. a huntsman's scarlet coat
b. a huntsman who wears a scarlet coat
8. of the colour pink
9. informal  ( Brit ) left-wing
10. derogatory  ( US )
a. sympathetic to or influenced by Communism
b. leftist or radical, especially half-heartedly
11. informal  of or relating to homosexuals or homosexuality
12. (of a huntsman's coat) scarlet or red
13. (intr.) another word for knock

1. to prick lightly with a sword or rapier
2. to decorate (leather, cloth, etc.) with a perforated or punched pattern
3. to cut with pinking shears

a sailing vessel with a narrow overhanging transom

From here the ceiling appear as pinked
Despite all its general blueness
But it could be my fading sight
Seeing pin pricks where there is light and stucco

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