Thursday, 5 April 2012



1. a hollow filled with mud; bog
2. ( US ), ( Canadian )
a. (in the prairies) a large hole where water collects or the water in such a hole
b. (in the northwest) a sluggish side channel of a river
c. (on the Pacific coast) a marshy saltwater inlet
3. despair or degradation


1. any outer covering that is shed, such as the dead outer layer of the skin of a snake, the cellular debris in a wound, etc
2. bridge Also: sluff . a discarded card
3. ( often foll by "off") to shed (a skin, etc) or (of a skin, etc) to be shed
4. bridge Also: sluff to discard (a card or cards)

Set on accidental islands
Sheep often drown in sloughs
In the warmth of summer

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