Monday, 23 January 2012



1. an item-by-item record of names or things, usually written or printed one under the other
2. computing a linearly ordered data structure
3. be on the danger list to be in a critical medical or physical condition
—verb trans.
4. to make a list of
5. to include in a list
6. Brit . to declare to be a listed building
7. stock exchange to obtain an official quotation for (a security) so that it may be traded on the recognized market
8. an archaic word for enlist

1. a border or edging strip, especially of cloth
2. a less common word for selvage
3. a strip of bark, sapwood, etc, trimmed from a board or plank
4. another word for fillet
5. a strip, band, ridge or furrow
6. agriculture a ridge in ploughed land formed by throwing two furrows together
7. to border with or as if with a list or lists
8. agriculture to plough (land) so as to form lists
9. to cut a list from (a board, plank, etc)


1. (especially of ships) to lean over or cause to lean over to one side
2. the act or an instance of leaning to one side


1. to be pleasing to (a person)
2. ( trans.) to desire or choose
3. a liking or desire

an archaic or poetic word for listen

A lone winter rose
Lists towards the light
Is this love?

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Rose said...

Beautiful image!