Friday, 5 September 2008



transitive verb:
1. To sacrifice; to offer in sacrifice; to kill as a sacrificial victim.
2. To kill or destroy, often by fire.

Those forests I torched
To immolate – a precautionary measure -
The lying words that you might one day think
And write.


martha said...

That's extreme - on the other hand, maybe sometimes necessary. Liked it and the wormhole a lot.

Aeneas said...

Hey, guess who's arrived on your blog! Close the windows, bat down the hatches... it's ME.

These are wonderful/superb/magnificent. I love them. Where do you get these ideas? I feel like a turnip. Really.

Aeneas said...

Your blog is playing with my mind.... so, don't mind me.

DK Green said...

I love this...

martha said...

You can make a really nice stew out of turnips - 'navarin d'agneau'.

spacedlaw said...

Or this dish which is a favourite of mine.