Saturday, 6 September 2008



pertaining to or marked by fever; feverish.

That febrile quest,
Robbing you of sleep
With tainted promises and smiles.


Aeneas said...

Ah.... you're keeping up.

Where do you get the poems/words? Do you make them up? It sounds like YOU.

I like these very much. They are on the dark side, and that always appeals to me.

I started an art blog on WordPress, but I didn't get beyond three postings. Blah...

spacedlaw said...

I have a word press account bu tI found the blog terribly un-user-friendly.

I take the words from various on-line dictionnaries (five of them so far) which have that feature or something equivalent (today for instance was from a quizz of the day function).
Otherwise I could of course drop my dictionnary on the floor and point a word at random...

Aeneas said...

I like the 'drop dictionary on the floor' method. It appeals to my sense of disorder, mayhem and mischief.

Now, there's a word for you--mayhem.