Friday, 9 March 2018



1. to wave or cause to wave rapidly; flap
2. (intr.) (of birds, butterflies, etc.) to flap the wings
3. (intr.) to move, in particular downwards, with an irregular motion
4. (intr.) (pathology) . (of the auricles of the heart) to beat abnormally rapidly, in particular in a regular rhythm
5. to be or make nervous or restless
6. (intr.) to move about restlessly
7. (swimming) . to cause (the legs) to move up and down in a flutter kick or (of the legs) to move in this way
8. (trans.) (British) (informal) to wager or gamble (a small amount of money)
9. a quick flapping or vibrating motion
10. a state of nervous excitement or confusion
11. excited interest; sensation; stir
12. (British) (informal) a modest bet or wager
13. (pathology) . an abnormally rapid beating of the auricles of the heart (200 to 400 beats per minute), in particular in a regular rhythm, sometimes resulting in heart block
14. (electronics) . a slow variation in pitch in a sound-reproducing system, similar to wow but occurring at higher frequencies
15. a potentially dangerous oscillation of an aircraft, or part of an aircraft, caused by the interaction of aerodynamic forces, structural elastic reactions, and inertia
16. swimming flutter kick
17. a method of sounding a wind instrument (like a flute), with a rolling movement of the tongue. Also called: flutter tonguing music

Moved by inner music
They flutter in the wind
Dreaming of almonds

Dressed in soft velvet

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