Wednesday, 7 February 2018



1. a pipe or channel that carries off water, sewage, etc.
2. an instance or cause of continuous diminution in resources or energy; depletion
3. (surgery) a device, such as a tube, for insertion into a wound, incision, or bodily cavity to drain off pus, etc.
4. (electronics) the electrode region in a field-effect transistor into which majority carriers flow from the interelectrode conductivity channel
5. (trans.; often followed by “off”) to draw off or remove (liquid) from
6. (intr.; often followed by “away”) to flow (away) or filter (off)
7. (intr.) to dry or be emptied as a result of liquid running off or flowing away
8. (trans.) to drink the entire contents of (a glass, cup, etc.)
9. (trans.) to consume or make constant demands on (resources, energy, etc.); exhaust; sap
10. (intr.) to disappear or leave, in particular if gradually
11. (trans.) (of a river, etc.) to carry off the surface water from (an area)
12. (intr.) (of an area) to discharge its surface water into rivers, streams, etc.

The attraction is mutual
And with such a lovely colour

I am loath to drain my glass

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