Monday, 1 January 2018



1. not stale or deteriorated; newly made, harvested, etc
2. newly acquired, created, found, etc
3. novel; original
4. latest; most recent
5. further; additional; more
6. not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved
7. (of water) not salt
8. bright or clear
9. chilly or invigorating
10. not tired; alert; refreshed
11. not worn or faded
12. having a healthy or ruddy appearance
13. newly or just arrived; straight
14. youthful or inexperienced
15. (mainly US) designating a female farm animal, in particular a cow, that has recently given birth
16. (informal) presumptuous or disrespectful; forward
17. (Northern England dialect) partially intoxicated; tipsy
18. the fresh part or time of something
19.  another name for freshet
20. (obsolete) to make or become fresh; freshen
21. in a fresh manner; freshly

Fresh anew
In a cloudy dawn
Trusting in
A new

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