Saturday, 16 December 2017



1. a state of quiet restfulness; peace or tranquillity
2. dignified calmness of manner; composure
3. to place (oneself or one's body) in a state of quiet relaxation; lie or lay down at rest
4. (intr.) to lie when dead, as in the grave
5. (intr.; followed by “on”, “in”, etc) (formal) . to take support (from) or be based (on)

-verb (trans.)
1. to put (trust or confidence) in a person or thing
2. to place or put (an object) somewhere

If she had goals, hungers:

There she is thus trying a dream to chew on,
Just shy of huge or mindless,
And pull, as if she had been and mattered - a decaying mind;
And pull, as if she had somebody else’s heart.

Without repose.

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