Tuesday, 13 June 2017



1. (usually predicative) . motionless; stationary
2. undisturbed or tranquil; silent and calm
3. (of a liquid) not sparkling or effervescent
4. gentle or quiet; subdued
5. (obsolete) . (of a child) dead at birth
6. continuing now or in the future as in the past
7. up to this or that time; yet
8. (often used with a comparative) . even or yet
9. quiet or without movement
10. (poetic) (dialect) . always
11. (poetic) . silence or tranquillity
12. a photograph or frame, in particular of a scene from a motion-picture film
13. to make or become still, quiet, or calm
14. (trans.) to allay or relieve
-sentence connector
15. even then; nevertheless

1. an apparatus for carrying out distillation, consisting of a vessel in which a mixture is heated, a condenser to turn the vapour back to liquid, and a receiver to hold the distilled liquid, used in particular in the manufacture of spirits
2. a place where spirits are made; distillery

A still life by heart
Of old men and many things.
The water shapes their mind
Shaking the meadows
Swift and shadowy heaving
Beneath the shadows on the walls.

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