Sunday, 23 October 2016



1. (followed by “against”, “on”, or “upon”) . to rest or cause to rest against a support
2. to incline or cause to incline from a vertical position
3. (intr.) (followed by “to” or “towards”) . to have or express a tendency or leaning
4. the condition of inclining from a vertical position

1. (especially of a person or an animal) having no surplus flesh or bulk; not fat or plump
2. not bulky or full
3. (of meat) having little or no fat
4. not rich, abundant, or satisfying
5. (of a mixture of fuel and air) containing insufficient fuel and too much air
6. (of printer's type) having a thin appearance
7. (of a paint) containing relatively little oil
8. (of an ore) not having a high mineral content
9. (of concrete) made with a small amount of cement
10. the part of meat that contains little or no fat

Leaning towards
Lean duck

Fat apricots

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