Thursday, 23 June 2016



1. having no hue due to the reflection of all or almost all incident light.
2. (of light, such as sunlight) consisting of all the colours of the spectrum or produced by certain mixtures of three additive primary colours, such as red, green, and blue
3. comparatively white or whitish-grey in colour or having parts of this colour
4. (of an animal) having pale-coloured or white skin, fur, or feathers
5. bloodless or pale, as from pain, emotion, etc.
6. (of hair, a beard, etc.) silvery or grey, usually from age
7. benevolent or without malicious intent
8. colourless or transparent
9. capped with or accompanied by snow
10. (sometimes capital) counterrevolutionary, very conservative, or royalist.
11. blank, as an unprinted area of a page
12. (of wine) made from pale grapes or from black grapes separated from their skins
13. (of coffee or tea) with milk or cream
14. (physics) having or characterized by a continuous distribution of energy, wavelength, or frequency
15. (informal) honourable or generous
16. (of armour) made completely of iron or steel
17. (rare) morally unblemished
18. rare (of times, seasons, etc.) auspicious; favourable
19. (poetic or archaic) having a fair complexion; blond
20. a white colour
21. the condition or quality of being white; whiteness
22. the white or lightly coloured part or area of something
23. (anatomy) the white part (sclera) of the eyeball
24. any of various butterflies of the family Pieridae.
25. chess, draughts
a. a white or light-coloured piece or square
b. (usually capital) the player playing with such pieces
26. anything that has or is characterized by a white colour, such as a white paint or pigment, a white cloth, a white ball in billiards
27. an unprinted area of a page
28. archery
a. the outer ring of the target, having the lowest score
b. a shot or arrow hitting this ring
29. (poetic) fairness of complexion
30. (usually followed by “out”) to create or leave white spaces in (printed or other matter)
31. (obsolete) to make or become white

She stirs winds
Her white coat and hair whipping about
Frost in her smile

Blooms dying  in her hand

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