Wednesday, 13 April 2016



1. any protection used to intercept blows, missiles, etc., such as a tough piece of armour carried on the arm
2. any similar protective device
3. Also called: scutcheon, escutcheon (heraldry) . a pointed stylized shield used for displaying armorial bearings
4. anything that resembles a shield in shape, such as a prize in a sports competition
5. the protective outer covering of an animal, such as the shell of a turtle
6. (physics) a structure of concrete, lead, etc., placed around a nuclear reactor or other source of radiation in order to prevent the escape of radiation
7. a broad stable plateau of ancient Precambrian rocks forming the rigid nucleus of a particular continent
8.  (civil engineering) a hollow steel cylinder that protects men driving a circular tunnel through loose, soft, or water-bearing ground
-verb (trans.)
9. to protect, hide, or conceal (something) from danger or harm

Broken teeth
Wooden shields

Closing windows

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