Friday, 5 June 2015



1. to allow (animals) to consume the vegetation on (an area of land), or (of animals, especially cows and sheep) to feed thus
2. (trans.) to tend (livestock) while at pasture
3. (informal) to eat snacks throughout the day rather than formal meals
4.(South Africa, informal) to eat
5. (intr.) (informal) to switch between television channels while viewing without watching any channel for long
6. (US) to pilfer and eat sweets, fruit, etc., from supermarket shelves while shopping
7. (South Africa, informal) a snack; something to eat

1. When int., often followed by “against” or “along” to brush or scrape (against) gently, especially in passing
2. (trans.) to break the skin of (a part of the body) by scraping
3. the act of grazing
4. a scrape or abrasion made by grazing

Between waves
Flocks of rocks graze

Turning to sand

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