Wednesday, 4 February 2015



1. the act or an instance of entering; entrance
2. a point or place for entering, such as a door, gate, etc.
3. the right or liberty of entering; admission; access
4. the act of recording an item, such as a commercial transaction, in a journal, account, register, etc.
5. an item recorded, as in a diary, dictionary, or account
6. a person, horse, car, etc., entering a competition or contest; competitor
7. the competitors entering a contest considered collectively
8. the people admitted at one time to a school, college, or course of study, etc., considered collectively; intake
9. the action of an actor in going on stage or his manner of doing this
10. (criminal law) the act of unlawfully going onto the premises of another with the intention of committing a crime
11. (property law) the act of going upon another person's land with the intention of asserting the right to possession
12. any point in a piece of music, especially a fugue, at which a performer commences or resumes playing or singing
13. (cards) a card that enables one to transfer the lead from one's own hand to that of one's partner or to the dummy hand
14. (English, dialect) a passage between the backs of two rows of terraced houses

They will invite you in
For a visit but will trip
You upon entry with a
Strategically placed plant

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