Tuesday, 30 December 2014



1. a group of social insects, especially bees led by a queen, that has left the parent hive in order to start a new colony
2. a large mass of small animals, especially insects
3. a throng or mass, especially when moving or in turmoil
4. (intr.) (of small animals, especially bees) to move in or form a swarm
5. (intr.) to congregate, move about or proceed in large numbers
6. when intr., often followed by “with” . to overrun or be overrun (with)  
7. (trans.) to cause to swarm

1. when intr., usually followed by “up” . to climb (a ladder, etc.) by gripping with the hands and feet

Memories of this
Checking out the swarm
With dearly loved friends
Trimming hives
Of rogue honey

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