Tuesday, 14 January 2014



-verb (mainly trans.)
1. (takes a clause as object or an infinitive) to decide or determine firmly
2. to express (an opinion) formally, especially (of a public meeting) one agreed by a vote
3. (also intr.) usually followed by “into” to separate or cause to separate (into) (constituent parts or elements)
4. (usually refl.) to change, alter, or appear to change or alter
5. to make up the mind of; cause to decide
6. to find the answer or solution to; solve
7. to explain away or dispel
8. to bring to an end; conclude
9. (medicine) . to cause (a swelling or inflammation) to subside, especially without the formation of pus
10. (also intr.) to follow (a dissonant note or chord) or (of a dissonant note or chord) to be followed by one producing a consonance
11. (chemistry) . to separate (a racemic mixture) into its optically active constituents
12. (physics)
a. to distinguish between (separate parts) of (an image) as in a microscope, telescope, or other optical instrument
b. to separate (two adjacent peaks) in a spectrum by means of a spectrometer
13. (mathematics) . to split (a vector) into its components in specified directions
14. an obsolete word for dissolve
15. something determined or decided; resolution
16. firmness of purpose; determination

Resolve dissolves
Another shady world fades
Bitter dregs on my lips
Paralysis gaining with every step.

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