Thursday, 9 May 2013



1. acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly; swift
2. accomplished in or lasting a short time
3. (prenominal) adapted to or facilitating rapid movement
4. requiring rapidity of action or movement
5. (of a clock, etc.) indicating a time in advance of the correct time
6. given to an active dissipated life
7. of or characteristic of such activity
8. not easily moved; firmly fixed; secure
9. firmly fastened, secured, or shut
10. steadfast; constant
11. sport . (of a playing surface, running track, etc.) conducive to rapid speed, as of a ball used on it or of competitors playing or racing on it
12. that will not fade or change colour readily
13. proof against fading
14. photography
  a. requiring a relatively short time of exposure to produce a given density
  b. permitting a short exposure time
15. cricket . (of a bowler) characteristically delivering the ball rapidly
16. informal  . glib or unreliable; deceptive
17. archaic . sound; deep
18. informal . a deceptive or unscrupulous trick
19. quickly; rapidly
20. soundly; deeply
22. firmly; tightly
23. in quick succession
24. in advance of the correct time
25. in a reckless or dissipated way
26. archaic. fast by , fast beside:  close or hard by; very near

1. (intr.) to abstain from eating all or certain foods or meals, especially as a religious observance
2. an act or period of fasting

There she is
Fast upon the wall
Despite her infortunes
A papery Justine

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