Thursday, 5 July 2012



1. any of various viscous or solid materials of natural origin: characteristically lustrous, insoluble in water, and having a low softening temperature, they consist largely of esters of fatty acids
2. any of various similar substances, such as paraffin wax or ozocerite, that have a mineral origin and consist largely of hydrocarbons
3. beeswax . short for sealing wax
4. physiology . another name for cerumen
5. a resinous preparation used by shoemakers to rub on thread
6. bone wax . a mixture of wax, oil, and carbolic acid applied to the cut surface of a bone to prevent bleeding
7. any substance or object that is pliable or easily moulded
8. ( modifier ) made of or resembling wax
9. the act or an instance of removing body hair by coating it with warm wax, applying a strip of fabric, and then removing the fabric sharply, thereby plucking the hairs out by their roots
10. a person or object suggesting wax, as in manageability or malleability.
11.(trans.) to coat, polish, etc., with wax remove (body hair) by means of a wax treatment
13. to fill the crevices of (ornamental marble) with coloured material.

informal , old-fashioned  (Brit.) . a fit of rage or temper

1. to increase in extent, quantity, intensity, power, etc.
 2. (of the moon) to increase in the extent of its illuminated portion before the full moon.
3. to grow or become.

We stumble underground
In the hesitant light of wax flowers
Looking for an elusive angel

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