Sunday, 4 March 2012



1. a large number or quantity; mass, especially of ordinary or undistinguished people or things
2. (in a race) a group of competitors who are well behind the leaders at the finish
3. rugby a loose scrum that forms around the ball when it is on the ground
4. Australian rules football the three players, two ruckmen and a rover, that do not have fixed positions but follow the ball closely
—verb (intr.)
5. rugby to try to win the ball by advancing over it when it is on the ground, driving opponents backward in the process

1. a wrinkle, crease, or fold
2. (usually followed by "up") to become or make wrinkled, creased, or puckered

prison slang . a fight

slang military . a rucksack

Rucked ravioli
Are water-tight

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