Thursday, 17 February 2011



1. a landing pier.
2. the space or waterway between two piers or wharves, as for receiving a ship while in port.
3. such a waterway, enclosed or open, together with the surrounding piers, wharves, etc.
4. dry dock.
5. a platform for loading and unloading trucks, railway freight cars, etc.
6. an airplane hangar or repair shed.
7. Also called scene dock. a place in a theatre near the stage or beneath the floor of the stage for the storage of scenery.
–verb (used with object)
8. to bring (a ship or boat) into a dock; lay up in a dock.
9. to place in dry dock, as for repairs, cleaning, or painting. join (a space vehicle) with another or with a space station in outer space.
–verb (used without object) come or go into a dock or dry dock.
12.(of two space vehicles) to join together in outer space.

1.the solid or fleshy part of an animal's tail, as distinguished from the hair.
2.the part of a tail left after cutting or clipping.
–verb (used with object) cut off the end of; cut short. cut short the tail of. deduct from the wages of, usually as a punishment. deduct from (wages)

1.the place in a courtroom where a prisoner is placed during trial.


1.any of various weedy plants belonging to the genus Rumex, of the buckwheat family, as R. obtusifolius (bitter dock) or R. acetosa (sour dock), having long taproots.
2.any of various other plants, mostly coarse weeds.

Stricken statues
Docked from the top
By frost and time
Stand unperturbed.

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