Saturday, 27 December 2008



1. defensive wall: a structure such as a wall or fortification built to keep out attackers
2. protection: somebody or something that gives protection or support
3. harbour wall: a wall built out into the sea to shelter a harbour

Her smile was a sensual bulwark
That kept you out
As much as it kept her in.
You thought you might breach her defences
But she was already boiling oil,
Poured through razor sharp teeth.

Mata Hari appears courtesy of LIFE archive

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Unpretentious Diva said...

If one fails in entering the bulwark, its his fault not the girl's strength.

She always was looking for the Dragon

Tread not lightly
The lair of the Dragon
His eye is trained on you
Your footsteps are not guaranteed

Do you walk with impunity
The path of fire
In the sights of the Dragon
Or do you tread the gravest peril

Delve deeply the lair of the dragon
Unimagined death or dreams
The shadows move
Darkness fills the voids

Feel the heat, the dragons’ breath
The pulsing of his heart
He knows you are there
The layer is breached